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A word created by someone who didn't bother to spell feces correctly.
Feces, not fecies.
by AnonymousGuy October 27, 2003
A findoo (aka findu, aka fat hindu) is a big fat brown guy who in fact is most likely not hindu at all, but who sucker punches your buddy at a party and then breaks a window in your house. Easily confused with much less common Finndu which is in fact a Finnish Hindu.
Guy #1: Did you see that findoo hit Karl in the Face?
Guy #2: Yeah, and then he goes and breaks the window, someone should really beat his ass!
by anonymousguy September 20, 2005
1. Originally it denotes someone from New England.

It is now used in reference to those from the United States, since "American" isn't actually a nationality, and people didn't want to needlessly insult those from North and South America by equating them with those from the US.

2. To pull something.
1. "Bloody hell! We've got to rescue the Americans from all those Yanks!"

2. "Bloody hell! Don't Yank my doodle like that!!"
by AnonymousGuy November 24, 2003
A person who enjoys "single player" more than "Multiplayer".
"When do I get my turn, I'm horny too!"
"Shut up bitch, you're ruining it."

- Sexy Losers (sexylosers.com)
by AnonymousGuy October 27, 2003
Patriot? Not one definition here fits patriot. Most, if not all, define a nationalist. Alas... another wasted entry in the urban dictionary.
Patriotism is love for one's country, not disrespect for all others.

Patriotism is the virtues that make you want to defend your fellow man, regardless of their borders.

Patriotism knows only virtue, nationalism knows only prejudice.
by AnonymousGuy December 06, 2003
An overuse of obscure words and description overkill. In writing, this often results in the piece becoming utterly incoherent and annoying to no end.

This is most often carried out by pretentious dipshits who are trying to sound intelligent, but actually sound intelligent to no one but themselves.
If someone ever uses more than 5 adjectives to describe the colour green, they are said to be one hella annoying Lovecraftian pig-fucker.
by AnonymousGuy October 26, 2003

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