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It's a small town on North Shore of Long Island. If you knew your geography, it's in New York. Specifically east of NYC. It's a really nice area to live in. But if you're just visiting, there really isn't anything special to it; Just a regular town. You'd be surprised how many famous people today, grew up here in the past. Also, it's on the North Shore - the NICER part of Long Island. Schools are among the best on the Island, so that's another thing to look forward to. Yeah, there's inconsiderate people, but it's like that everywhere, and there's no way you can change that. Just deal with it because you're no wizard who can change people, no matter how much you wish to be. Also, you've probably heard this place is domninant Jews. I can answer that question with a simple "yes". That's Long Island for ya. There's also other religions, so if you're not Jewish, you're not left out. I have no idea, though, if this is considered a "rich" area. I only know our taxes are amonst the highest in America. To make it all clear in a short version, think of it as a town that you don't think is all too great, but better than you really think it is.
Plainview, New York - another regular town in Long Island.
by AnonUserx51 October 17, 2011
Okay, the people who said all those negative things on Long Island is, one word: WRONG.

I'm not saying Long Island is all that, not at all. It's the southeastern part of NY, so no, it's not upstate, or NYC. I wouldn't have to say this, but just in case you don't know your geography. Nassau and Suffolk counties are pretty much what makes up the official Long Island region. It's a homeland to many famous celebrities you probably wouldn't expect of used to live or currently still live here. The Hamptons and the beaches are so beautiful and a place you wouldn't want to forget. Schools are amazing and are often known for it's prestigious honor in certain subjects or departments of strength. People... are just people everywhere else, they can be nice, generous, or a complete and total fag. No places are considered "ghetto" here.. Really. But there are some towns that consist of constant robberies, bad schools and just an awful reputation in general. There's a difference, though, between North Shore and South Shore. To my opinion, North Shore is a billion times better based on the environment - better for a lifestyle while the South Shore is.. A better place to chill in the summer. If you love NYC but hate living in the crowded places, Long Island is a great place to start. Distance runs from 20 minutes to about an hour and a half when using any type of transportation. Don't walk, you'll never get there.
Long Island, NY is your kinda place
by AnonUserx51 October 17, 2011
Oh crap, I love Roslyn. The schools are amazing, and the place itself is just drop-dead beautiful. By the Sound. RHS was considered one of America's best schoools in 1999. Small villagey population, only about 2,000 people, no big deal. Surrounding towns would have at least 10,000. Roslyn consists of only 5 schools in the entire district. It's a small area, but many towns are committed to go to that school district (those surrounding areas like East Hills or Flower Hills)
Think of Roslyn, New York as a village of your dreams
by anonuserx51 October 17, 2011

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