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3 definitions by anonnynon

A cracka that is crazy. Perhaps the cracka has led a sheltered life or watched too many episodes of Friends and finally cracked.
Crazy ass cracka gettin' on my last nerve!

by anonnynon April 27, 2006
46 21
Lobsters, as seen being held up by grinning Crazy Ass Crackas in the L.L. Bean catalog.
Crazy Ass Crackass loves them some crackabugs.
by anonnynon April 27, 2006
9 4
A catalog made by crazy ass crackas for crazy ass crackas.

Abercrombie and Fitch for elderly crackas.

It is fully of grinning crackas going crackabug hunting in Maine, a cold place where mooses and crackas live.

That crazy ass cracka got a $40 tshirt from the L.L. Bean catalog.

One cracka to another: "Did you see that darling egglant tee in the latest L.L. Bean?"

Cracka had to get a raincoat out of L.L. Bean because crackas is afraid to get wet.
by anonnynon April 27, 2006
34 106