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exuding the general comfortable, casual, trendy, homely, creative, and/or peaceful atmosphere of the family-owned cafe downtown.
There's this tiny java place I go to all the time to work, read, or just chill out. I like it 'cause it's so coffeeshopesque, you know? Real coffee smell, old leather couches, open mic night on Thursdays... nothing like the machine-generated Starbuckses on every street corner.
by anonionmous September 17, 2008
A word or phrase either commonly typed incorrectly or conceivably difficult to type. (from tongue-twister) Includes typing letters in the wrong order (adn), putting spaces where they don't belong (thi sis a mistake), typed spoonerisms, and general common typos.
remember, definitely, illegitimately, violin, the/there/their, exciting.

qwerty10: except some expections to the rules
qwerty10: *expect some exceptions
qwerty10: oh gosh what a type-twister.

Words mistyped in the creation of this definition: typ etwister, genreal, includse, soaces,
by anonionmous September 17, 2008
1) Not Safe For Work
2) Not Suitable For Whiners
This image is NSFW; boss had better not catch you!

This image is NSFW; don't look at it if you know you're going to make a huge deal out of it.
by anonionmous March 15, 2009
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