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Shai is a stubborn girl with a really wild personality and is really sarcastic. She's not shy, no.

She's funny, pretty and cute. She can be a bitch and a little crazy but those traits is what attracts people!
Friend: I'm Shai

Me: Aww, don't be shy!

Friend: No, my name is SHAI!! S-H-A-I! Shai!
by Anongurl June 22, 2011
Kylie is a girl with a heart so kind and caring. She is extremely shy when she's around new people. She's smart and cute. She is very angelic with a very nice personality. She is quiet most of times and is very mature for her age.

She is a good listener and stays by her friends' side. She sticks up for them and protects them. She has a very beautiful voice and is not very athlentic. She is rarely bold with her actions and likes to surprise people with her new sides.
If you know a Kylie, you're lucky.

Friend: Kylie got angry for the first time.

Me: What? That good girl KYLIE?!

Friend: Yeah.


Girl 1: I saw Kylie yesterday. She was picking up a stray cat.

Girl 2: Aww, such a caring girl..
by anongurl June 22, 2011

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