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When having sex with a girl you put your balls into her butt hole. Caution dont not let her tighten her butt muscles hard this can result in a broken ball or two. If your having anal sex try inserting your balls in to her vagina. Variants include single ball penitration, and the more common zero ball penitration.
Obama -"I was having sex with this pornstar in my dreams and she told me to insert my balls in her ass ."

Clinton-" Me and hillary call that double ball penitration"
by anonanalballs January 27, 2013
I fucked her in the ass and then the then the pussy aka her slimebox
by anonanalballs November 11, 2014
Endurence drinking or Duration drinking is a slowed down version of getting really hammered, it is an all day process. It is the marathon version of partying. Instead of slamming a couple of beer pitchers while watching a sports game you drink the entire day and the entire night. It's often practiced by alcoholics or by college kids on summer vacation.
Bro1 .bro we've each smashed an 18 pack and a 12 pack.
bro2 .Bro we got started at 10 am what did you expect ?

Bro1. Man we were endurance drinking all day
by anonanalballs June 05, 2015

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