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A naive guy who thinks hes a boss because he picks up low grade women other guys throw to the back of the bus. Actually believes these women are super hot.
Shallow Hal. Shallow Hal was the ultimate throwback pimp, possessing all the qualities of the Throwback Pimp except an overly inflated ego.
by anonQ45 April 29, 2013
a person who discriminates against a pancake by the color of its exterior
mom: pancakes are ready!

daughter: ew i dont want that one. its too dark.

mom: whats wrong with that? what are you some kind of pancake racist?
by anonQ45 September 11, 2013
characterizing, verbalizing, and fantasizing perverted behavior, usually on the internet.
commenter 1: omg shes so fucking hot i want to spread her ass cheeks and squeeze them and sloppy kiss her asshole

commenter 2: that dudes fuckin pervin'
by anonQ45 May 22, 2013
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