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the most hated os of all time. the mass opinion is: its slow, has bani bugs, always 1 gb of ram to run, is unsave agains viruses, mac osx leopard is better.

this mass opinion are not 100% true. intelligent people dont go with the flow and support the mass oppinions, they make their own opinion.

for example, if you have a crappy pc, dont buy vista, vista needs a proper pc than you have. some people with crappy pcs bought vista, it diddnt work, they startet bitching around and now everybody belives vista sucks.

or, vista is so unsave... ähhh install a proper anti virus programm and dont watch so much porn you idiot.

or, oh god the driver problems!!! ok thats true, i admit it.

or, everything looks different i cant navigate trough. yes it sucks, but be happy! you have your task bar, you can press ctrl+alt+del and the taskmanager will come up, you can press windowskey+e and the explorer will come up. with vista on your pc you are way better of navigating than on a mac. (if you have used xp before)

if we remeber the xp realese... it was the same story, everybody hatet it and said they dont want to use it. now after some sevice packs everybody beleves xp is the best os ever. wow...

the coolest thing about vista haters is that most of them dont even run vista. they just heard it sucks so they dont give it a try. well thats ok but stop bitching around you dumb fucks. god damn -.-
troll: hey what os do you run?

guy: windows vista ultimate, it runs good

troll: omg stfu vista n00b! xp ownz j00!!

guy: wow... wtf was that?

troll: stfu you and your vista suck ass. vista is epic fail!

guy: have you ever even tried it you failtroll?

troll: no cuz my friends sayd it sucks, and it does

by anon349862093468 June 06, 2009

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