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main turf for the moshers ("metal heads"), punks, emo & wannabe's of leeds division

the cornexchange is a building where inside holds many shops which suit the genre of people who hang around outside it

corn exchange kids are old long rivals of trainstation kids
where the main scene is based.
since the groups started each group has hated each other and will never change, it is an easy target to spot the difference between a cornxkid and trainstation kid

both are groups with one or more different places to go
including a nearby canal where drinking and socialising will take place
person1 :"we off to the cornx?"
person2: "wtf no way, my turf is the trainstaion"
person1: "whats wrong with the cornx kids?"
person2: *sighs*
by anon.com July 19, 2006
leeds is the main city inwhich many generations have come and formed divisions of leeds,
some of the main well known divisions are the trainstation kids and the cornx kids and some less well known ones
in each of these divisions there are a number of different types of people who are all friends within the group.
some scene, mosher, emo ect.
but if accepted in the group this classification is taken away as they are all treated as different
p1: which division are you?
p2: leeds division?
p1: yea.
p2: trainstation kids
by anon.com July 19, 2006

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