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A person with more hate than Hitler
Person 1: "I want to kill everyone in this building"
Person 2: "Calm the fuck down Hatestin"
by anon reach October 28, 2009
A person with an extreme level of arrogance which is normally displayed online. Commonly found working in IT support.
Person 1: "It's like 9 inches"
Person 2: "divide by leilly, it's about 3"
Person 1: "your such a jerkstin"
Person 2: "shut up leilly"
by anon reach October 28, 2009
A person who continuously alters or manipulates past experiences, adding events and details which never occurred, in an attempt to make the story more interesting or not to be ridiculed.
"You jumped 18 feet? whatever Lielly."
by anon reach October 28, 2009
In the event of the zombie apocalypse these people can be very useful, they are stripped naked and be tied to a tree or other similar objects as a sacrifice to the zombies.

Person 1: "can I take salvage at your place in the event of a zombie apocalypse.
Person 2: "yes but you have to be the zombie bait"
by anon reach October 28, 2009
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