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an awesome softmod made by hackwii that allows you to run apps such as emulators, music players, dvd players, and even games burnt to a disk. at first the twilight hack was needed to download it (which is a modified zelda save file) but with the wii menu 4.2 update, that doesn't work and you now have to use smash stack (which is a glitch in customers stages in super smash bros. brawl) the homebrew channel ca also be used to downgrade your wii to previous system menus, but this is highly discouraged for it can brick your wii if you accidentally update it.
person #1: you gonna get the homebrew channel?

person #2: i don't know can't it mess up your wii?

person #1: the chances are very low and if you didn't update to 4.2 it is almost impossible!! you don't even have to open up your wii which means its still under warranty. the best part is all you need is super smash bros. brawl, an sd card, an internet connection, and a wii (of course)
person #2: wow that sounds great!
by anon of e621 April 08, 2010

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