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543 definitions by anon

female equvielant of a "Gino"
"She tryin so hard to be a trendie, but shes just a f*ckinh gina.
by Anon September 28, 2004
1337 hacker! and sexy bitch
FIXER:You just got owned
by anon November 19, 2003
Similar to a "party foul." Something caused by fate, that can't be altered.
I failed that test today. Oh well, charge it to the game....She poured beer on the carpet- charge it to the game.
by Anon October 17, 2003
1. crazy mo'blikkin' assassin
2. reference to the famous assassin from the bakumatsu period
-The hitokiri killed my father. Prepare to die.
-"Don't make me get hitokiri on you!"
by anon August 26, 2003
Gay ass car that young punks who can't afford a real car drive.
Look at that fag in the accord.
by anon April 08, 2005
in before the lock
used ever-too-commonly on dslr
there are many alternate spellings, some with pictures
started by weirdal27
original thread: omg look, im in da cooler!
reply: your a dumbass
next reply: inb4dalock!
by anon April 26, 2004
Microsoft's internet browser included with Windows systems. Faster at loading up than other browsers like Firefox and Netscape which take fucking ages. As an internet browser, it works and does its job.

Can be insecure with its default settings, but tieing them down virtually eliminates some, if not all of the security problems that people complain about. Unfortunately the reputation for spyware comes from dumb users who download shite like smiley central or are dumb enough to "YES" or "OK" to everything that pops up on screen.

Bashed by geeky open source zealots and Mozilla anoraks frequently who often over-exaggerate the truth in order to push their alternative.
IE is safe if you tie down its default security settings. I have NEVER had any malicious programs install automatically.
by anon March 06, 2005