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Our nation's capitol also ironically the most violent area in the US
"I was on a tour of the white house and saw 15 people get capped."
by anon December 23, 2004
An area of WW2 concentration camps where women and children were forced into sexual slavery.
Take them to the Joy Division.
by anon March 03, 2005
A less formal way of saying Okay. It is given as a cheerful, bright... less intimidating response. It is also more used online rather than irl.
someone says "I'll be right back"
You reply with "okies"

Someone is doing something that doesn't bother you, you reply with "okies"...

someone is annoying you and your pissed off you say "Okay".. not "okies"
by anon March 05, 2004
A non-Asian person who has an identity crisis and thinks he/she is Asian. Or a non-Asian person who really wishes he/she is an asian. Typically watches anime and hong kong movies, listens to K,J,C-Pop, and tries to get Asian friends. Usually tries to learn an Asian language as well.
Look there is another asiaphile wearing his Dragonball Z t-shirt that he never washes. That guy is trying to score with those ugly, fobby Japanese chicks by asking them to teach him Japanese in exchange for him teaching them English.
by anon June 12, 2003
A suburban county north of NYC. It's no more upstate then Westchester yet people feel the need to bash it as a "wasteland" near Albany in a futile attempt to make their own hometown feel important. Unlike surrounding areas, the people of Rockland are not arrogant and condescending.
I can hop on the Palisades and get to Midtown in 30 minutes from Orangetown, a lot closer than many of you Rockland-bashers from Westchester and LI.
by anon July 06, 2004
abbrev: nigger-rigged, put together half-assed, often involving duct tape
Joey's aluminum siding spoiler on his Civic is one of the most nigged things i have ever seen.
by ANON May 15, 2004
Any drug which brings about a hallucinogenic, somtimes spiritual trip, such as lsd, or shrooms. Popular drugs of the 60's.
"To fall in hell, or soar angelic, you need a pinch of psychedelic."

-Humphrey Osmond
by Anon April 20, 2005

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