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Short for "Ivy League", used when referrring with familiarity to one of these elite schools (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, Yale) usually used by people who grow up in communities with these schools as goals(ie the boarding school class)
So what schools are you looking at?
Well I was thinking about apply to Middlebury and a few Ivies.
by anon December 18, 2004
A guy about town. Someone who is a bit of ladies-man! Likes the party lifestyle! Into a few dodgy dealings but still is popular and trendy.
He's a bit of a jack-the-lad, or a wideboy some mite say!
by anon October 01, 2004
Those who earn in excess of 50k a year, yet live in caravans and don't pay any taxes.
Tries to claim a real job and pay taxes. Tells lies. A lot. Threatens violence but prefers to eat.
by anon May 07, 2004
A girl with one or more intellectual whores.
Yeah, Becky is hot, but she's a major intellectual pimp.
by anon October 22, 2003
what happens when keeping it real goes wrong.
We can handle this like we got some class, or we can into some gangster shit.
by anon March 03, 2005
Someone who is afraid of a certain thing.
Many people are friggen furryphobes, because they think they have sex with dogs.
by Anon August 23, 2003
A magical creature who lives underneath a rainbow.
by Anon March 06, 2003

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