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a style and/or soft rock music genre. often associated with cutting, guys in girl pants, plugs, black, chucks, an overload of eyeliner,striaght black hair with bangs covering at least 45% of the face, sadness, loneliness, posers, and certian bands.
Elton - well, i guess Anne broke up with me.*sigh*
Vicky - thats ok. she dosn't understand you anyway.
Elton - uhh, thats why she broke up with me.
Vicky - at least you can actually have a relationship. *tears swell*
Elton - Vicky, you know i've always felt something for you.
Vicky - Oh, really?
Elton - Nah. But lets go cut up my new chucks anyway.
Vicky - yah. they look aweful when they are clean. *sniff*
Elton - omfg i miss Anne.
by anomous April 22, 2006
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