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A nickname: a name the identifys a trouble maker
Dude that guy is trouble
by anominous April 11, 2005
originally made famous by the fabulous paris hilton... then passed on by sars and lo... they even made s0me fab t-shirts. It can reffer to hot guys, hot girls, or even hot situations
girl 1-"wats our job?"
guy- "making sausages"
girl 2- "thats hot"
by anominous January 13, 2005
A very largely known type of shoe.
Do you want my boot up your ass?
by Anominous December 16, 2003
Someone fat or big, who could break something by sitting on it
damn he's beefy... he could break something
by anominous April 11, 2005
the source of all manlove
We'll all enjoy bugalugs before the weekend is out
by Anominous November 18, 2003
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