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A Dannon is an extremely funny, attractive male. They usually have blonde hair and blue eyes. They love women and usually have lots of admirers. Dannons are extremely caring when they want to be. Dannons are very athletic and have the nicest bodies among males. Loving, sweet and loyal they make the best of friends and lovers. They always know how to please their admirer's and partners. Dannons are musically talented, always looking hot playing the drums. They typically love rap music like Nelly and can freestyle like Eminem in 8 Mile. They're unforgettable and will always be desired by many.
"Oh my gosh Tara! Did you see that wild Dannon over there? He's so fetch!"

"Dannon made a huge deposit in my bank today."

"Wow! Look how hot that guy is! He's totally a Dannon."
by Annuh November 26, 2013
A perfect comeback for an insult.
Drop it like it's hott, foo.

A: Dude, you're horrible at singing.
B: Drop it like it's hott.
by annuh January 26, 2006

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