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1 definition by annoynumous53458985989

a small town where everybody knows everybody. full of rich lil snobby preppy kids or wannabe gansters that either drink alot and/ or smoke weed bcuz there really isnt anything else to do there. sheltered and everyone has a "click" if your one of the few who is poor or different youll probably end up killing yourself after all the torment. the "ghetto" is by the lake which really isnt a ghetto at all. By far the worst place to bring your kids up in. for a hoity toity place the school system sucks. the "ghetto" girls all go to lowell and hook up with random guys by 12.
kid 1: where you live?
kid 2: tyngsboro
kid 1: oh the mall?
by annoynumous53458985989 August 07, 2011
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