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1 definition by annoyedbytheWangstas

What white rich teenagers of The Woodlands who were born and raised in 'the streets of Grogan's point' call their city.

An infestation of 'straight up gangster' privileged teenagers in the Woodlands.

The Woodlands becomes The Hoodlands when rich parents living in The Woodlands buy their son a cadilac escalade so he may look 'fly' and like a 'straight up G'

a Wangstas name for his town when he wants to look ghetto like the black/mexican Gangsters on TV
"yo man - lets meet up at market street. shitz goin down tonight"

White boy 1: sup ma nigg whats crackin?
White boy 2: yo man, my dad just bought me another ferrari
White boy 1: ohh for realz?? we gots to roll in dat thing tonight, and show it off in the Hoodlands
by annoyedbytheWangstas March 26, 2009