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Not a form of torture, only a mild form of abuse, according to the US military. Considered a way of "softening up" prisoners of war for interrogation.

Rush Limbaugh describes it as "letting off steam" and says soldiers have a right to do it.
Republican twats want to ban gay sex but think forced rape with broomsticks is OK as long as the victims are Iraqis. Fuck these Nazis.
by annoyed anarchist May 09, 2004
Did you know that, by posting this definition on urbandictionary.com, I am breaking Britain's absurd anti-terrorism laws by creating a document which bears the name of a terrorist group? Also that you the reader, and the owners of the website, are also breaking it?

What a load of crap, eh? Let's smash the state!
It actually refers to a now-defunct Kurdish Marxist guerrilla group fighting for independence from Turkey.
by annoyed anarchist April 27, 2004
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