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While in no way affiliated with the "Russian grandmother" translation, babooshka is the kindest, most loving term of endearment one can give their main partner. Only to be used in the highest of sickly-sweet romantic situations. Use "booshk" for more casual settings such as a one-night stand.
I love you more, my baby babooshka.
by annonymousfemaleoneaton August 30, 2010
In addition to the other definitions, the pirate is often named "Dicky Nicky" and is of Indian descent. His combination of wanting butt pleasures (in reference to Mooj from 40-Year-Old Virgin) and choosing unsuspecting victims makes him the scariest butt pirate of them all.
Why is that guy so obsessed with butt pleasures?

Because he's the BUTT PIRATE!
by annonymousfemaleoneaton June 19, 2010

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