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listens too...alternative, punk, dance,drum & bass,electronic, electronica, pop, folk,rock,indie,metal,metal core,soundtrack
and anything in this area.

acts like...hate scene,emo, posers, and goth kids. hates school but likes the friends, is okay with not hating life or their parents or anything like that, is rebellious, acts like an idiot in public with there friends and dosen't care, and like to be their self with everyone. ordinary but individual people.

dresses like....Girls: long natural color, layered and strightend, skinny jeans, shorts and neon colors
(sometimes over black) loves converse, plain tee's or graphic tees or button up tee's, scarfs, little amount of makeup, like glasses sometimes

guys: long hair and any color in any style, regular jeans, no shorts, graphic tees, long layered tee's, button ups, converse.
wow did you hear about the new label takers?
by annonmus123456789 July 07, 2009

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