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Gladwyne is aplace were rich people have big house's and have lots of money. They think they are so special when they talk to someone and say "oh I live in gladwyne and I have a fucking big house hahaha."
I think that people who live in gladwyne have gucci dolce and gabbana, chanel, clinige shop at coach and belong to the philadelphia country club. They all go to whelsh valley or bala cynwood. ANd are so spoiled. But don't get me wrong not evryone in gladwyne is rich about 80% is. And they shop in the main line and wear abercrombie and fitch and hollister and american eagle and juicy couture. They have chanel make up and they all go to starbucks to get there coffee at perfect temperature. They think evertyone loves them and worships them. They drive mercedes, bmw's, mustangs, porches, and lexus's. They cant go any where alon and shop in sububan square and go to the mall any time they want to.

i live in gladwyne and am very rich but dont hate me!
by annomys June 13, 2006

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