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3 definitions by annit116 and jordiexpants

A hilarious tragedy. Commonly used by pedophilic lifeguards who prey on younger women.
"I just saw a busload of children fall off a cliff!"
by annit116 and jordiexpants May 17, 2008
1. Only like, the sweetest band ever.
(Annikizzle, Jordiepants, Lexaface, Fitzkrieg, Bingo, Kai Alai, and Ylime.)
"That band is something else. In fact, its Something Extreme!"
by annit116 and jordiexpants June 18, 2008
1. A noun that replaces any word found irrelevant.
2. Another noun meaning, most commonly in place of a swear word.
3. As a verb, meaning to disturb or ruin.
4. As an adjective, meaning awesomely extreme.
1. "That homework assignment was a bunch of fqatzob."
2. "Oh fqatzob! I left my keys in the car!"
3. "I'm totally going to fqatzob Zach's party tonight!"
4. "Have you heard of Something Extreme? They're totally fqatzob!"
by annit116 and jordiexpants June 18, 2008