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Kris is peng, good body, cute face, yet doesnt try too hard.
He can get any girl but choses wisely.
his gf is very lucky but so is kris as she is beautiful.
kris will go to any extent to make her happy.
he is not vein, big headed he is nice and charming.
is always up for a laugh but knows when to be serious.
quite clever and very good at sport.
Kris is the perfect boyfriend, spoils her, respects her and loves her, just like she loves him.
If you have a kris you dont need this to tell you how lucky you are, you will know!
The Perfect match for a Kris is an Eve, they are 2 people made for eachother.
kris's gf: "you got me a pandora?"
Kris: "I did! because you are so perfect"
kris's gf: "you are the one who's perfect"

girl to kris's gf: "god, your boyfriend is so damn perfect"
kris's gf: "i know he is, thats why i lovehim!"
by annieb22 August 01, 2011

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