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the alternative for "bitch" developed in 2003 by a Catholic School student who kept getting in trouble for swearing. The opposite of pohow.
Becky is being a total wohop.
by Annerz October 23, 2004
The opposite of wohop. Meaning friend or aquaintance.
Hola Pohow! Whats up?
by Annerz October 23, 2004
Fuck whoever came up with this stupid ass connotation.
Fuck you. Your a sorry ased mother fucker.
by annerz December 26, 2004
The word stupid white people say when they're trying to be cool but cant quite pronounce "fo' shizzle" right.
Yo homeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz! Thiz iz off DA hizzzzeeeee fore shiznesss DAUG!
by Annerz October 24, 2004

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