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3 definitions by anne copperdink

The lovely bosoms of a lovely Jewish lady.
"i'm dating miriam schwartz! it's a double win - my parents will approve and she has nice joobies!"
by Anne Copperdink December 02, 2008
15 0
A mustache worn by a douchebag.
Frankie Muniz is trying so hard to grow a douchtache, but he just can't!
by anne copperdink June 21, 2007
7 1
pronunciation: goog-LIE-able. (adjective) When googled, the quality of returning google results which may be liabilities
(From the root words google + liable).
Please don't use my real name in your blog entry, I don't want to be googliable.
by anne copperdink June 21, 2007
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