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a plastic bottle with the end cut off, filled with dryer sheets, and covered with a thick sock; is used to smoke grass when you dont wanna get caught, cause it hides the smell
"i dunno about smoking here, someone might smell it."

"oh don't worry, we'll just use the sploof, and the room will smell dryer sheet-fresh!"
by anna banana August 11, 2004
a wanna be thug.
He actin' like a Gangsta.
by Anna Banana March 08, 2003
the state of being a nerd, intellectual
Despite his geekdom, Chris sure gets a lot of attention from the ladies!
by anna banana January 24, 2004
similar to dd (designated driver) except the substance is marijuana; a safe smokie, or ss, usually looks out for cops, parents, or anyone else his or her friends would hate to see while lighting up a big blunt
"hey jim, we've got some excellent green, would you mind being ss if we hook you up later?"
by anna banana August 11, 2004
cool, fun.
Man that party was Dope
by Anna Banana March 08, 2003
Just like my boyfriend- cute, darkhair, light skin, a Jap, a dork, immature, histerical, cute, "jewish", likes comics, jealose, amazing,sweet, the best guy eveeerrr
My jared is just like Seth Cohen fromt he O.C. only even cuter.....
by AnNa BaNaNa March 22, 2005
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