26 definitions by ann

Logging onto Facebook
"Dude, i'm having face time, don't interupt"
by Ann February 08, 2005
liquid e, e mostly known as ecstasy
i love my georgia homeboy
by ann January 26, 2005
When a guy cums in a woman's mouth and then pinches her nose so she cannot breathe. This leaves her no choice but to swallow or spit it out. Thus creating the bloated cheek look of a walrus.
by Ann March 23, 2003
A painkiller people take as a drug that numbs ur body and makes you feel really happy. DONT drink with them... that'd suck.
" I just took 3 vicodin..."
by Ann August 16, 2004
an abbriviatin for seniors
The seniors graduated last june.
by ann January 04, 2005

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