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(n.) A terribly unsatisfying blowjob; a blowjob involving too many teeth for the penis's own good
Dave: I would LOVE to get some head from Kate
Kyle: You would like to think so, but I got head from her the other day, and it was a god damn DENTIST APPOINTMENT!
by Ankylosaurus February 24, 2010
(n.) Similar to chicken of the sea, except referring to one's dick.
Guy 1: I'm gonna give Rachel some Chicken of the Pants tonight.
Guy 2: Are you gonna put some of your own seasoning on it?
by Ankylosaurus February 21, 2010
(n.) A sexual encounter involving 3 penises and, most likely, 1 vagina.

(n.) A terribly-named Little Caesar's pizza.
Girl 1: What happened last night?
Girl 2: Oh, it was vicious. The boys gathered 'round and gave Sarah a 3 meat treat to snack on.
by Ankylosaurus February 24, 2010
(n.) This act must be performed carefully and tediously. It involves lifting up a toilet seat, pooping in a neat circle on the rim of the toilet, and then closing the toilet seat on top of the poop, creating an oreo-like shit cookie.
Guy 1: I walked into the bathroom earlier and could NOT find the source of the terrible smell
Guy 2: I know what it is. *Lifts up toilet seat to reveal poop.*
Guy 3: Someone's been brown lassoing the toilets in here repeatedly.
by Ankylosaurus February 24, 2010
(n.) The act of combining Cradle and Upper Deck, thus ruining a toilet completely.
Guy 1: Have you seen the bathroom?
Guy 2: No what happened to it?
Guy 1: Someone destroyed it...with shit. They cradled it AND upper decked it.
by Ankylosaurus February 24, 2010
(n.) A name given to an overly large penis; an incredible name to give to your own penis

(n.) Much like the king of the dinosaurs, this name makes your penis the king of dicks (can also be abbreviated T. Cock just like T. Rex)
Guy 1: My penis is kinda small
Guy 2: *Pulls out penis*
Guy 1: GOD DAMN! That's a Tydongasaurus Cock!
by Ankylosaurus February 24, 2010
(n.) A grossly or overly hairy ass; an ass that is completely covered with hair, thus covering any skin and only showing the thick mat of hair grown on top; a hairy ass which causes excess sweating
1. John: Dude, is your ass hairy?
George: Are you kidding me? I have an ass sweater!

2. Paul: It's fucking hot out!
George: Yeah, and it doesn't help that I'm wearing an ass sweater!
by Ankylosaurus February 21, 2010
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