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1. A sudden change bringing on confusion, upset, ruined scheduling, misdirection, and general chaos. See goatfuck; then think of the next order of goatfuck magnitude.
2. The chaos, anger, bewilderment, crowding/congestion, etc., caused by the sudden change.
Girl, I tried to go to that sample sale you told me about but it was a yemeni cluster goatfuck at the doors so I gave up.

It's a yemeni cluster goatfuck trying to drive outta here at rush hour.
#mess #chaos #trainwreck #madhouse #mob #zoo
by anjali666 January 26, 2008
You Must Be Kidding!
"You're gonna enter a monastery for three years?! YMBK!"

I told her I was gonna twirl a fire baton at her friends' mom's funeral and she was all, YMBK, until she got there.
#no way #jk #pulling my leg #wtf #you didn't
by anjali666 May 14, 2008
An androgynously adorkable young woman or boi with ideas, energy, confidence, and talent but no need to conform to expectations. Possibly related to hoyden.
If you ever have a daughter you hope she grows up to be a hoyston.

Yeah she got fired/rejected/evicted but she'll find something better or make a hilarious story out of it; she's such a hoyston.

#boi #adorkable #hoyden #studly #grrl #artist #musician #writer #bold #free
by anjali666 January 26, 2008
Situation involving chaos, crowding, confusion, and surprise; populous melee. Also yemeni cluster goatfuck.
Go to Manhattan on Black Friday?! YMBK! What a goatfuck!

I couldn't leave work because of the goatfuck the new deadline brought on.
#mess #chaos #trainwreck #madhouse #zoo #mob
by anjali666 January 26, 2008
The shape assumed by the male coiffure after male pattern baldness has taken the forehead up to the crown; the hair in the back and on the sides forms a "U" while the hair on top is extremely thin or a mere fond memory, i.e., there's bare scalp flesh on display.
At the recent Cure concert, Mahesha reported she saw a few
Moz wannabes but a LOT of u-hawks.

Could you touch the "sparse zone" of his u-hawk? If so, you just may be in love.
#balding #combover #yonkel #cueball #chromedome #mpb
by anjali666 May 13, 2008
n. The deadliest flower, the sweet-smelling yellow jasmine can kill within ten hours if steeped in boiling water and imbibed as a tea.

Therefore, metaphorically, a "gilded jasmine" is an individual wanted dead or alive for reasons of a complex and classified nature: treasonous activity, terrorist aspirations, and murder in cold blood. Extremely dangerous, she should be approached with caution if not intense trepidation.
"Jasmine may seem soft and fluffy, but she will bite and she will decapitate."

"Did you say she put YELLOW jasmine in the tea? Get to an ER, now!"
#mata hari #black widow #tokyo rose #deadly nightshade #femme fatale.
by anjali666 December 09, 2007
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