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The 'fabuloids' - Upwardly mobile urban dwellers who possess a knack for unfailingly being seen at 'the right' place with the right people. They are legends in their own minds. They covet and ultimately posses and enjoy everything cool. They're well educated, successful, attractive and envied by their peers - but are usually considered as pretentious, status obsessed fools to others. They graze at the best restaurants and are on the guest list for everything and anything 'fabulous'. They dine at the coolest restaurants, drink snappy cocktails and fine wines, own the latest gadgets, dress in the latest fashions (high-end labels and top notch brands only).
When the young, polished, well heeled fabuloids arrived at the opening night gala, the restauranteur realized his eatery was destined for success.
by animar March 11, 2013
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