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1. someone who builds rafts and floats to america and are protected by the wet-foot dry-foot law. mexicans and other spanish people can bee confused for them because they also hitch rides with these people

2. a nationality that for some reason other hispanics are insulted for being called one
1. if you want an example so damn bad go to a floridian boat shop or hardware store and i would bet you 1/2 a grand theres at least one cuban working there

2. man #1: hey are you colombian
man #2: no
man #1: are you cuban?
man #2: imma kick your bitchass im puerto rican
(man #1 gets his ass rided up by a bunch of puerto ricans and gets dthe shit beaten outta him)
man #2: bitch dont call me that. that an insult.
by aniggathatlovesgurlsweed&money March 08, 2009

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