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5 definitions by ani

atheists: People who lack belief in a god or gods. From the Greek: 'atheos' a+theos "without god" or godless.
"Those people are atheists, they lack belief in a god or gods"
by Ani June 02, 2004
549 127
lalalalallala....an extremly random yet COOL person! If you know a Kirti, you will love her! She may be loud and short and random.. but so what? You're a loser!
She was so Kirti today! I loved it!
by Ani April 08, 2005
105 23
1.The name of the comic series by Yazawa Ai. Currently filmed into a movie. Out in fall 2005.
2.The name of the two main characters in Yazawa Ai's NANA.
3.Japanese romanization for the number 7.
1.Mika Nakashima stars as Oosaki Nana in NANA.
2.Oosaki Nana & Komatsu Nana.
3.Very unlucky number!!
by ani April 11, 2005
161 167
A word coined by Tim Clark, shares the same meaning of dooder.
how's it goin dooders?
by ani January 23, 2005
2 8
a seizure that happens when a person mis-types epilepsy in an email to one's father
I went into an epilopsy after sending an email to my dad. Damn you epilepsy!
by Ani April 15, 2005
4 17