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1 definition by angryfloridaaaaaaa

The most beautiful and kind of people, too easy to fall in love with, has the most amazing eyes.

Often has the ability to make you feel better no matter how down you are or shit things have gotten.
Such a special person is almost as rare to find as this name is.

Must be careful as Harbans can sometime become confused incorrectly with Herbert the Pervert. This isn't fair as although his sense of humour can be dark sometimes, it is always in good taste and (almost...) never serious.
Girl: Ugh I feel soooo shit... I need some cheering up.
(Sees Harbans in the distance and a smile begins to creep onto her face)

Harbans: Hey, you seem down? Let's hang out and make that pretty face of yours smile!

Girl: Oh OK!!! :D
by angryfloridaaaaaaa October 24, 2009