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a hypocritical,self righteous bastard who claims to be christian, but condons murder of foreign leaders and others he deems unworthy of gods grace.The saddest part is foreigners who don't know shit about america, hear this asshole spew his self indulgent tripe think all americans think this way. Pat like all other televagilists care about one thing,MONEY. They relieve elderly peaple of all there money because they convince them they are going to hell for a lifetime of sin. Old peaple feel guilty and think they can atone be giving these assholes their money. Pat,Jerry and the others live in opulent mansions,drive expensive cars and lavish there family members in wealth.Is this what jesus would do? Does pat robertson actually help anyone? Peaple, don't be fooled,giving this jerk money will not insure entrance to heaven. pat robertson, I hope you burn in hell.
Did you here pat robertson say we should kill hugo ceaser chavez? Pat robertson said all muslims are terrorists.
by angry dude April 04, 2006
a annoying,unfunny,poser comedian.a.k.a goat boy from snl. His laugh is probably his worst feature. Somehow has his own show on raw dog (sirius sat channel)
Jim bruer is one of the lamest comedians i ever heard.
by angry dude April 04, 2006

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