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someone who enjoys smoking (or eating) weed or a regular basis... stoners are really chill, whether from all the weed, or just cause they're like that. stoners can function well whether they're stoned or not and they dont need to be stoned (high on marijuana) to have a good time. they are relaxed, usually good at music, often play guitar and sometimes other more exotic instruments. The stereotype of stoners as lazy freeloaders and dropouts just isnt true. most stoners do have bad memories, but we make up for it by having freer, more innovative thoughts. smoking weed just gives a stoner a better way of seeing things, and lets them be happy and relaxed almost all the time. we are usually friendly unless you look down on us or treat us like junkies, which we're not.
when people call me a stoner, i say "thank you"
by angie.s January 27, 2008

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