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47 definitions by angie

Angie is a wonderful girl who doesn't talk much. She claims she is skinny but she isn't.
Everyone loves angie
by ANGIE February 20, 2013
7 11
For a femal lesbian to lick another lesbians cunt while she is sleeping
Angie and chrissy
by Angie February 16, 2004
2 6
a fire station that hugely resembles a barn
"The fire barn throws hoppin Halloween parties"
by Angie November 12, 2004
6 11
meh, i tinks it means "me"
like in ph33r meh = fear me
by Angie October 13, 2003
5 10
the act of giving oral sex over means of a telephone i.e. oral phone sex
last night on the phone, i gave him roman head to help him get off.
by Angie July 01, 2003
4 9
some porn
I need sopme.
by Angie September 01, 2003
21 27
A person of African-American and Hispanic descent. Especially those of Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Cuban, and Black.
I am proud to be a Hispanigga reppin' Brooklyn (Prospect & Sunset 4eva!!!)
by Angie April 12, 2003
14 26