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of or relating to lesbians in a positive connotation; a lesbionic trait.
Man, that chick is so hot and dykadellic.
by angelvs March 23, 2005
A gay village or area prodominately inhabited by homosexuals.
The West End is a total gaybourhood.
by angelvs March 30, 2005
similar to gaydar, but applying strictly to lesbians
"She has great lesbidar."
by angelvs February 16, 2005
Acute dilation of the colon, seen in ulcerative colitis.
"You've got toxic megacolon, ASSFACE!!"
by angelvs August 01, 2007
like a girlfriend... but not actually a girlfriend, especially in long-distance situations.
She's not my girlfriend, she's my scrononis!
by angelvs April 24, 2005
not a clue.. it just sounded funny. From the same source as 'Scrononis'
"Scronstantinople!" "What? WTF is Scronstantinople??"
by angelvs April 25, 2005
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