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The sex act in which the woman, while giving her male partner a blow job, shouts "Finish Him," then clamps down on his penis, only releasing after her partner cries.
I decided to show him who was boss, so I performed a little Mortal Combat Felati-ality... the game is cool, but seeing him cry like a little girl was even cooler.
by angelicacharisma May 07, 2012
The name of the sex act in which a woman is on top of her male partner, then as she climaxes she punches him in the nose, yells "Unicorn Laser Beam" and then uses the blood to draw a unicorn horn on his head.
I found out he was cheating, so I Bloody Retributioned his ass... the picture's on my fridge. Don't you just love unicorns?
by angelicacharisma May 07, 2012
The alternative to the Canadian Jackhammer in which the male does a handstand as the starting sexual position for 69, and as he reaches climax, his female (or male) partner sticks her (or his) finger into his anus and then knocks him down yelling "timber."
Listen ladies, if you really want a man to pay attention to you, then you've gotta try the Man Syrup Tap and Drop... one in the pink, then on the floor. Timber!
by angelicacharisma May 07, 2012
The name of the sexual act in which raucous sex is performed, and recorded, while other people are asleep in the room...the key: no one must catch you.
Man, her roommate must have been on Ambien, because our recording session was definitely a Ninja Affliction!
by angelicacharisma May 07, 2012
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