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is a girl whos very hip,crazy and fun loving,all the guys love to be with her.shes one of a kind.
me and ma best friends are known as the chika girls.
by angelic devil September 08, 2010
1.a person whos half evil yet devilish and half angelica and pious type.
2.or anyone who is an angel from heart but looks like a devil from the outer side.
i never knew if you ever prayed,its not just surprising but i guess you are an angelic devil .
by angelic devil September 07, 2010
any person who looks stern or is strict by face or rules but is a sweet from his/her heart.Deep affection of a person who does not want to disclose ones feelings.
1.my mother is such a sternface sweetheart.
2.usually people of military are sternface sweethearts.
by angelic devil September 07, 2010

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