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a place where one can preform certain sexual activities
Joe, Meet me in The Red Room close the door and dim the lights. I will be yours truly if indeed the price is right.
by angelbaby77 January 13, 2005
acronym for Deep,Adoring,Caring,True,Honest,Loving, Love. Its the highest form of love you can feel for a person.
i dacthllove you joe
by angelbaby77 March 22, 2005
key to your heart. this key is the only key that can open your heart. Only someone you love more than neone can have this key. Then they have full access and control of your heart. It can sometimes make u do some pretty crazy things ;-)
Joe, u have my kuiteey.
by angelbaby77 March 22, 2005
feeling of complete joy and delight. The most happiest feeling you could ever have. when your soul feels complete and your heart skips a beat.
this leobret feels so right
by angelbaby77 March 22, 2005
the most important thing you could think of. Any person, place, or thing.
Joe, i love you more than kigitimo.
by angelbaby77 March 22, 2005
the best friend u could ever have. A person you can talk to and share your deepest thoughts and feelings with. Not only your best friend but someone you love. Someone you love more than nething you could ever explain. They listen you you and understand you. They help you and heal you. The laugh and cry with you. They will always be there for you. They love you just as much as u love them and they always will.
Joe, you are my BettaFawmel and i love you sooo much
by angelbaby77 March 22, 2005
here i go
scream my lungs out and try to get to you
you are my only one
i let go
theres just no one
no one like you
you are my only
my only one...
Joe, you are my only one! i love you! MWAH!
by angelbaby77 January 13, 2005

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