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This phrase, first used in Panama City, FL in the year 2010, describes a female of the humanoid class that does not participate in drama and/or slutty activities (i.e., sleeping with best friend's boyfriend, talking behind friend's backs, trying to "steal" a boy from another girl, etc.) and still is liked by a large percent of the population. Catty weapons are not needed as this creature has no natural predators. In the event that someone is stupid enough to provoke an alpha-bitch, usually fists or the could shoulder will be used, depending on the severity of the situation. The name covers an informal group, unlike a gang or clique, but simply a group of similar people who do not even necessarily know each other, but share similar characteristics-- like in a species. Considering that this is a small minority group, it does appear as though these people have a higher evolutionary development. Some characteristics of these girls may or may not be present:
*Dyeing of hair to a different color at home
*Cutting one's own hair
*Using words such as(but not limited to) "bomb", "killer" and "beast", but not in their original definitions.
*Eating Chinese food on a regular basis.
Alayna: Angela, that girl over there is talking so much smack about us. What are you gonna do?
Angela: Are you kidding? I'm an alpha-bitch. I'm gonna walk away and not give her any satisfaction.
Alayna: Damnnn. Me too.
by angelaamor22 December 20, 2010

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