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(n),a condition which afflicts chronic liars, occurring when one's lies beget more and more, sufficiently infusing a conversation with a liar to be chock-full of untruths.
" Comedian Earl Crown is hilarious but appears to have a wicked case of the verbal squirts.
His barely-contained lie-arrhea is hilarious hyperbole, but involves people we know, and contains little to no actual resemblance to the truth.Still, if he can beat lawusits,he should keep it up!"
by angela devoti June 21, 2006
(n.) Short for mongers.
Describing people who bring something,usually a bad feeling or comment to a setting or arena.
"I was walking down the street when a bunch of dork mongs whistled at me and said "girl, that skirt look GOOD!"
by angela devoti January 16, 2006

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