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Also know as Hazel Park Michigan a shitty as 2 mile by 2 mile city where 50 % of the population is skanky whores who give head for fun due to their fetish for dicks !!
HP hoes like to give head !!
by Angela August 30, 2003
Daring to sniff. If only for a second.
He piffed the mess from the doorway
by Angela June 23, 2004
a show of extreme slowness in mental capacity.
how dody is that...?
by angela June 06, 2003
Based on all of your definitions of Pikey, this sounds like the lower/poverty class of the American citizens as well as the extremely rich class of American citizens and not like a gypsie at all.
Since A Pickey is a thief, I would classify the very rich of the countries and the extremely poor uncivilized people in this category. The Gypsies on the other hand are not in this category since they do work for their money and do not make it off of burglary (gang bangers, druggies, etc.)or other people's misery (doctors, pharmacies, etc.)
by Angela August 07, 2004
When a guy fucks a girl on her period, or when she is a virgin
and then proceeds to make her suck off the blood on his dick.
I didn't know this girl was on her rag until I was going at it, then pulling out I saw blood on my dick and I made her reach over and lick the blood off.
by Angela December 26, 2004
dork (a whale penis) wad(another word for cum/ejaculation)
It's time to spank the whale and get a dorkwad.
by Angela August 18, 2004
1.) A word that is shrieked, spoken, whispered, or not said at all. 2.) A word substituted for any insult, such as FUCK YOU, or YOU'RE GAY.
Ex 1: (Angela walks down the street) SKAP! Ex 2: (Jeremy pokes you) SKAP!
by Angela December 23, 2003

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