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Small town on the border of Queens and Nassua filed with a healthy mix of drunk and sexed up wiggers/punks/preps (as well as the rest of the generic population.) To those above the age of 30, Flo Po may seem like a future parent's dream land. To those under the age of 18 (or without a liscense), it worst place on Long Island to live. Esp to those teenagers that attend Floral Park Memorial.
The cops are real assholes in Flo Po.
by Angela March 23, 2005
to be a slut, to sleep with random people, which is really cool nowadays.
that girl has so much rannafornication in her waiting to come out.
by Angela December 15, 2004
When 3 people join together in sexual intercourse. Pretty much at the same time...
Joe: Hey matt i like your dick in my ass
Matt:lindsey i love eating you out while i have my dick in joe's ass
Lindsey:omg joe i like making out with you while matts dick is in your ass and matt is eating me out!
by angela June 21, 2004
the word boo foo means to butt fuck
Me and my best friend emily boo foo all the time!
by Angela June 21, 2004
To go hang or chill in no specific location.
Yo, let's go post up.
by Angela May 06, 2004
Is an idoit that thinks the greatest thing in life is to drive along the seafront every single day with lasses in there car that arent even old enough to smoke! and the only thing they ever talk about is cars even though they usualy dont know much!
Getting finished for a car after a year and half of being together.i wouldnt mind but it was a shitty sierra
by Angela April 19, 2004
a person who be claiming to things that are not true like claiming to be in a gang
that boy claim he a blood but he just a false claimer
by angela April 16, 2005
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