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13 definitions by angel face

god rocker: yeah god is awesome!!!!!

everyone else: shut the fuck up
by angel face November 04, 2004
slipknot equils shit
me: hey sarah, sup today
sarah: yo tanner
me: u know i heard slipknot was comeing through tonight i got tickets frm some dude u want them
sarah: yes yes, omg i have to go get redy
me: its in 9 hours
sarah:well i need to go cut myself or else i won't be good enough
me:how about u do that and owe me 5$
sarah: i need to cut myself
by angel face October 06, 2004
a really good handjob or fingering
someone who works on a ranch part or full time
i got a ranch hand yesterday
by angel face April 10, 2004
takeing a huge dump in someone's house that isn't yours
where's john?
he is fuckin' bricking right now, that bastard can't hold it in
by angel face August 26, 2004
a verry bad way to live
don't do starte edge

this has been a public survice announcement from the stoners of america
by angel face October 06, 2004
a computer made by mac that runs on a g4 it is fuckign awsome so fuck all of you who don't like it
i have had my imac 4 abotu a year and it hasn't crashed, i had my pc 4 1 month and it got a virace and i was never ablke to turn it on again
by angel face October 09, 2004