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1. someone that a person hangs out with all the time, or sees a lot, usually on a daily basis
2. a person with whom someone shares and intense and close relationship with
4. a good friend who does not have a distinct term or title like "homie" or "best friend" or "sister" etc.
3. a sarcastic term used to identify someone that a person doesn't particularly like, has just met, or has not seen in a long time
guy: hey! i can't believe you told ___ i gave you flowers!
girl: well she's my bff buddy for life!
guy: i thought i was your bff buddy for life!
girl: you are .. you're my guy bff buddy for life. :)

cousin1: hey look! here's the profile of your bff buddy for life on facebook!
cousin2: ugh, she just sucks. i'm surprised she has any friends.
by ang e lica June 13, 2007

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