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The 4-hour period of time that you cannot drive or function in society due to playing Grand Theft Auto. You may have the intention to steal a car, kill innocent people, and/or drive recklessly.
Girl: Hey you wanna come pick me up so we can go to the movies?

Guy: Aww, I wish but I have grand theft impairment, I can come later though.
by andytheslash January 24, 2010
Outdated and stupid
Friend 1: Hey, catch me on myspace later?

Friend 2: Dude, it isn't 2007....
by andytheslash December 29, 2010
A free give away shirt worn by a late-in-life lesbian usually from a benefit walk for breast cancer, AIDS, or other incurable diseases.
Guy 1: Haha look at those two dikey looking lesbos over there.

Guy 2: Haha what a lesbian shirt: "Walk For Breast Cancer" Pshhh!
by andytheslash January 21, 2010
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