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When you fart in the shower, and the wet stinky odor rises in the steam, comparable to the Nazi gas chambers disguised as showers.
"Dude, I had some bad Auschwitz Delight in the shower this morning."

"I'm sorry man."
by andylong85 February 20, 2008
When a line of at least three men use their right hand to jerk off the cock of the man standing next to him. While the concept has similar qualities to a circle jerk, it is performed while standing, or in some cases walking or jogging.
Bill, Steve, Mitch and Chuck all decided to stroll through their local grocery, only on this occasion they grabbed one another's cocks and jerked joyously as they sashayed around the store performing in front of all the wonderful spectacle that is the Elephant Parade.
by andylong85 March 23, 2008
The salt that is distilled from the fluids that amass during sexual intercourse, which is of course fictional, but to exclaim "fuck salt" is also an expression of distaste or dissatisfaction.
"The Bears lost again? Fuck salt!"

"My body is covered in fuck salt from last night."
by andylong85 March 23, 2008
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